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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Well, Hello!

Hi there! I've been MIA in this little space of mine. Believe me, I could do with a really long, uninterrupted girl talk session with my BFF right now! But that seems like a faraway dream, because I'm busy with my active toddler and she with her newborn AND not to mention we live hundreds of miles apart! Such is life...but hey, I'm not complaining. I feel truly blessed to be able to put a very sleepy and drained head on my pillow every night. Drained, in a very positive way - I like how I'm using all my energy to do my best in my role as a mama and a wife (and put all the creativity that's given to me to good use!)

That's enough of my sentimental about some fun girl talk then? Dressing up, now that should be fun right? has been on my mind lately. I've been eyeing green strappy sandals, green beads and green dresses. It's just a very green phase for me right now :) I wonder what that says about my current state of mind. Am I at peace with myself, do I feel very lucky, am I going to finally plant something in our terribly neglected backyard? Whatever! I digress.

I thought this outfit may be a good place to start -

And speaking of green, for Deepavali, which was a couple of days ago, I dressed up my little baby doll in this gorgeous green lehnga-choli that a dear friend got for her. I love that deep shade of green! And coupled with my extra love for Indian block-printed design, this is a winner.

This post reminded me of my Kanjeevaram silk in a luscious bottle green with a deep plum border, it's beautiful! But it's back home :( Not that I would've had a chance to dress up in a sari here anyway...

I found these green shoes at a local weekend market here in Sydney and I think I paid about $10 or something! Love them! They go so well with this cardigan...Gotta love that shade of green!

The only thing that I probably haven't tried yet is green nail polish! Hmm...I think I'll pass J

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