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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I don't want to be "that crazy woman"!

Why do I cry? Why do I whinge?
Why do I sulk and why do I binge?
Why is it that I don’t see
All the beautiful things that are given to me?
Why do I frown and grind my teeth?
Why do I hiss and why do I seethe?
When I can count my blessings instead
And stay focused with a clear head!
Yet everything seems to make me mad
Nothing is in control and I’m always sad
“I can’t go on like this, no!” I scream!
Clearly, this is not living my dream?
I haven’t slept in ages, I haven’t read
I’m always grumpy, I’m seeing red
Ready to pounce on anyone who tries to reason
People will soon call me “that crazy woman!”
I miss my man even when we’re together
Does that even make sense? I wonder
I chide myself “Just deal with it! That’s the only way!”
Maybe I’m just lazy, what can I say?
Nobody and nothing can stop me from anything
Yet isn’t it sad that I’m ruining everything?
For me, for us; all because I’m not strong enough
I know life can get challenging, it can be rough
But the answer is so simple, I almost laugh out loud
It’s obvious, as clear as a sky without a cloud
“It’s all in the mind!” Yes, it’s true!
That’s the solution that will help me get through!
So I’ll train my mind to do what’s right
Do all that I can with all my might
Then I’ll be able to live like I should
Everything will be okay, everything will be good!

I've been battling a lot of things lately. I needed to write, the words were all teeming and screaming in my head, LOL! Words are my best friends, they help me relax, they calm me down and they can soothe me like nothing else can! 

 Stay strong, stay blessed!