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Monday, May 28, 2012

We Shall Overcome

We wake up to another day. Aah! A nice cup of coffee would be bliss, I walk towards the kitchen. There is a pile of books and/or clothing on the floor, I simply cross over it with a giant stride, nonchalant. In the kitchen, a half open large carton sits below the oven. Some vessels and other stuff have been tossed into it in a packing spree that didn't last very long. I go about making coffee, all the random things strewn across the bench top don't bother me anymore. I stare indifferently at the cabinet where I don't see any coffee mugs. With a silent prayer and a hope that I remembered to load the dishwasher last night, I open it. A relieved smile. There are two coffee mugs, washed. With a cup of steaming hot coffee I walk into the living room that looks like it's a refugee camp. Cartons, sealed cartons, open cartons, flattened cartons. An empty book shelf, a pile of magazines waiting patiently while their fate is being decided, a generous heap of miscellaneous items that are scheduled to go to donations - they all lie there, in a state of inertia, waiting to be dealt with. Then of course, clothes. Washed, unwashed, folded, unfolded, we have every kind! So overwhelming that I actually start considering a genius invention - use 'n' throw clothes. I'm sure I'll be worshipped for such an invention by a like-minded group of individuals, like us :) Little Miss always obliges adorably by being happy and content in her activity centre, oblivious to the mess around her, bless her! So, yeah, mess, messy and more mess. It seems like a daunting task. And I sit on the couch, with my legs stretched out on the coffee table, laptop nestled on my lap, convincing myself that I'm looking for inspiration on the net. You know, tips on organising, packing, planning, etc. Ironically, all the web surfing seems to be doing more harm than good, because two hours down the line, I've neither gained any expert organising skills nor have I moved my butt off the couch to lift a thing that's lying around. And life simply goes on, amid the chaos, amid the confusion, amid the mess. But (we all love buts) you know what? It's alright. It's alright because I know it will all work out and sort itself out soon. We will do it, because our new home that's waiting for us is inspiration enough. We might have kicked off with a rattling, sleepy start, but will gain speed soon. We're sure. We always do this, but we magically pull it off in the end. Yes, we're confident that way :) With that said, I better get going. The coffee is all but gone, Little Miss is stirring out of her (very) short nap and I have clothes to fold.

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