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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Skirty Flirty

I want to be able to wear this and NOT look like a stuffed sausage...soon!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Top 5 things that my baby has taught me

Every day is different, every day is a joy and every day is new with a baby. From the time we got Sia home I've slowly begun a self changing phase. A phase where I'm learning, discovering and realising so many new things about myself - like how patient I really am, how selfish I can get, how much nonsense I can tolerate, how flexible I can be, etc. These valuable discoveries help me understand life better as I apply my learning to as many instances as possible, making a correlation to the Top 5 Things that I think my baby has taught me so far. I'd love to share them with you -

Learning # 5 - Express Yourself

Have you ever seen a baby that holds back on crying, laughing, cooing or squealing with joy? I doubt it very much.
Sia cries her heart out when she is upset about something or when something is bothering her, and boy oh boy, she can be loud! And she will continue to cry until whatever it is that is bothering her is put right. She laughs and squeals when she sees or hears something that she likes. She constantly coos and babbles contentedly. Her eyes are always so expressive and I've hardly seen her just sitting there, with a passive expression.

Learning: Although I don't intend to scream my lungs out in public or laugh hysterically at someone's face, a little bit of venting out and pouring my heart out to someone who cares, or laughing out loud at a funny commercial, or voicing my opinion honestly would go a long way.

Learning # 4 - Simplify Life

Sia squeals with joy when I hold up a lion hand puppet and make a silly growling noise. She likes what she sees and hears and that's all that matters really. She doesn't really care where the toy was made, how expensive it was or what someone else would think of it. She simply likes it for what it is, it makes her happy, so she laughs! How simple!
Learning: Take things at their face value. Keep things simple and try not to judge situations or people. Take time to savor and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

Learning # 3 - Forgive and Forget

Sia doesn't sulk at me if I lose my cool when she screams at night. She still gives me her most gorgeous smile when she wakes up in the morning. She might cry for what feels like an eternity when I accidentally snip off a teeny bit of her skin while trimming her nails in the morning, but she forgets all about it by evening and smiles ear to ear when I call out her name. A big sloppy kiss and a warm cuddle is all that takes to make her a smiling, happy baby.

Learning: Do not make your own life miserable by holding on to unworthy baggage. Learn to forgive easily and learn to forget all those annoying things that don't matter in the long run. Give people a fair chance.

Learning # 2 - Patience

A screaming baby does things to you that you would never have experienced, seriously! It will, at first, make you want to pull your hair out and scream yourself, but slowly and gradually you will see a change. Sia has taught me the art of staying calm (well, at least I'm learning). So she's crying and I don't for God's sake know WHY! What do I do? Stay as calm as possible, 'shush' incessantly into her ear and wait for the storm to pass. It works! It really does :) If it doesn't then hold her up, hold her sideways, heck! hold her in every which way until she is cooing again.

Learning: Patience is the key. It may take several takes and only patience wins in the end. It does amazing things to your mind, this patience! I have noticed I become calmer, feel more in control and this warm feeling of peace oozes into my inner self :)

Lesson #1 - Unconditional Love

I love Sia, period. No words, no expressions, no poem would ever convey the simple yet profound meaning of that. She is my baby, my precious little bundle. I want to give her so much love, so much! I don't expect anything in return, oh not at all! I just...I LOVE HER :)

Learning: Never underestimate anyone's love. Pure love is strong enough to move mountains. To love someone with all your heart is such a beautiful feeling! And the biggest learning of all: I know how much my mother loves me now :)

Motherhood is absolutely wonderful! So enriching, so fulfilling and so delightful. Thank you my darling little baby for giving me this beautiful gift of being your mother :) Love you, always.