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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's your life and you choose!

I look out of my window and I see a brick wall. A sturdy facade of deep orange blocks and pale grey grout. It stands strong, unchanged and unaffected by the changing seasons. Always the same hard surface against the many faces of the sky.
I look out of my window and I also see trees. Trees that sway with the wind, shower in the rain, shrivel in the cold, and blossom under the sun. If they are green once, they are grey another time and then at other times leafless and bare. But oh, they seem to be having such a great time! Going with nature, enjoying the changes, experiencing all the moments, being there! It's like going a full circle.
When I compare my life with the things I see outside my window, I I want to be the relentless brick wall or do I want to be the impressionable trees? The choice is mine, really. I could choose to be unyielding; indifferent to the things around me. I could stand by my strong principles and choose not to change. But then, I could also choose to go with the tide. To sing and dance in the rain, to ponder for alternate theories in sombre times or to simply laugh loud and live big. My life, my choice, right? If only the saga called 'life' were that simple!
I guess, it would have to be taking turns at being the brick wall and the trees for me. I'd be the wall when I'm sure of what I'm doing. Like when I know what is wrong and what is right, simple. It does pay to be strong and sure of my beliefs at times. And then, be the trees when my heart calls out. It's alright to let go sometimes, to try new things, to learn, and to experience. Life, it's all about how you choose to live it!
So now I wonder what I'll be today... :-)

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  1. awww.. thats really beautifully written Divya!!!!