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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What's tall, green, red 'n' silver?

Answer: Our Christmas Tree!

So I managed to convince husby darling that getting a Christmas tree wasn't a bad idea after all. See we're not Christians and we don't generally celebrate Christmas in it's traditional sense. Of course, we do enjoy the holiday spirit, we have Christmas get togethers and I post handmade Christmas cards to friends and we also buy the occasional Christmas gift. (Boy! That's a lot of 'Christmas' in one sentence!)

But this year I wanted to take it to the next level. I wanted a nicely decorated tree, standing pretty beside the telly (yes, I'd chosen the spot even before I'd decided what kinda tree we'd get). As with everything, it took time to put my thoughts into action. You know the usual stuff, an idea gets into my head and I'm all excited about it, but for some vague inexplicable reason I don't do anything about it immediately. I let it play on my mind, I take my own sweet time to do something about it and then by the time I push myself to finally execute it, I would've lost half the interest I had in the first place! And this time I had the added onus of convincing husby that an actual (well not actual, a fiber one) decently tall tree was way better than the teeny tiny one made of stiff tinsel or the strange looking cone-kind-of-thing made of colourful shiny baubles. He even said he'd stick the little tree on his head and stand still in the chosen spot and wish everyone a Merry Christmas for a unique festive idea. I laughed but I obviously said 'no thanks' very firmly. And after just a bit of gentle persuasion, we'd finally decided to buy a (fairly) big tree. That it is only about nine days to Christmas and we're a tad late to be putting up the tree now didn't really bother us. We threw in a couple of boxes of baubles, beads and tinsel into our shopping baskets and walked out of the store laden with all the essentials for the grand putting-up-of-the-tree.

So now we have a pretty Christmas tree in our house, right next to the telly as planned :) And although we probably won't have many people visiting us (and seeing our tree) it is still a big deal for us. There's something about looking at a decorated Christmas tree in your house. It adds to all that festive spirit floating around. The joys of life are very simple indeed!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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  1. nice blog divya! nice to get to know you a little more with your blog! lovely tree and i love the way you have arranged ur neatly wrapped gifts!